BMS Technology

Benefit Technology

You don't need to be tech-savvy to work with our benefit platform. We are responsible for the entire implementation process.

Daily Maintenance

Changing configurations? Rate updates? Issues? Questions? No worries, let BMS handle it.

Paperless Enrollment

Employees can enroll through the platform or give us a call. Regardless of what they choose, BMS will always be there to help with enrollments and answer any questions.

Eligibility File Management

Data integrity is important! That’s why we review all error reports, edit system structure, and update records to ensure the information we provide the carrier/vendor is accurate.

CRM and Telephone

We use for our CRM where we capture all calls and emails to and from your employees in a secure environment. Our telephone system is cloud-based and inside Salesforce. Analytics at our fingertips.

Communication Portal

The BMS benefit platform can house forms, SPDs, plan summaries, carrier links.

Project Management System

We capture every institutional deliverable in an online project management system and report results on a monthly basis.

Payroll Connections

When applicable, a payroll connection can be put in place, which allows accurate deductions to pass from the benefit system to your payroll system.

BMS Benefit Administration

Benefit Life Cycle

From hire to retire, we have your employees covered. They can call, email or chat with the Benefit Service Center with any benefit-related questions or issues.

COBRA Administration

Provide General Notices to new hires and COBRA Notices to qualified beneficiaries upon termination. This includes collecting premiums, remitting to clients, and managing the entire process.

Dependent Verification

BMS establishes multiple touches to the employee before the deadline approaches to confirm receipt of items such as birth certificate, marriage license, etc.

Digital Personnel Folders

Every piece of paper provided to us will be available digitally and accessible for you to upload and download at all times.

EOI Management

We work with your Group Life and Disability carrier(s) on their EOI process and manage it on your behalf to include multiple touch points to your employees, from mailing them an EOI form to following up if necessary.

Court Orders

We receive the initial request to add a child to the plan, follow up with HR/Payroll for additional information, submit to the court, and advise the employee. We will be the point of contact for all medical support orders.

On Leave Payment Processing

Manage the payment of benefit premiums while employees are out on leave.

Resolve Claim Issues

Resolve claims without the headache. BMS will work with the carrier and/or provider to resolve any issues that may arise.

BMS Reporting

Cost Center Allocations

Create custom monthly reports for Finance and HR for cost center allocation.

"Check Ready" Monthly Carrier Invoice Reconciliations

Line-by-line reconciliations through BMS proprietary software performed each month on every line of coverage that requires a list bill.

Monthly Activity Reports

Track every phone call, email and chat down to the individual employee level and rolled up into summary reports. We currently track more than 50 types of calls for easy reporting.

Ad Hoc Reporting by Person

Provide a detailed activity history report for any employee at any time, detailing all contact points with the employee: email, phone, chat, and follow-ups.

BMS Communications

Communication Materials

Communication materials include benefit guide, new hire announcements, Benefit Service Center announcements, monthly postcards, Notice of Marketplace mailings, etc., all tailored to your business.

Annual Enrollment Confirmation Statements

We can send out a benefit confirmation statement to all employees to confirm their elections for the upcoming year and provide them with the opportunity to make changes during a correction period easily with a simple phone call.

Compliance Mailings and SARS Distribution

Each employee will receive an annual compliance package that includes important items such as the Medicare Part D notice and required ERISA compliance notices.

Dedicated Toll-Free Number, Email and Live Chat

Employees will be provided a toll-free number as well as a dedicated email address which allows us to customize the greeting so they know they are calling your Benefit Service Center. We also record all calls and maintain all emails for quality assurance and information accuracy.

Dedicated Support Team

An experienced client manager is assigned to coordinate all of the daily, weekly, and monthly deliverables. Your client manager is supported by a team of Benefit Specialists, Benefit Administrators, and Benefit Representatives.

Conversation Analyzer

Automatic voice call analysis lets us identify insights and trends as well as assessing compliance with BMS best practices. Conversation Analyzer integrates knowledge derived from voice calls to prioritize key insights and drill down on the call. 

Broker and Benefit Administration Under One Roof

Having brokerage and benefit administration professionals all on one team allows a seamless approach from the marketing of your plans, setting contributions to benefit system setup and service center support. This also provides you with a single point of contact making it easy for you as well. 

Customized Phone Prompts

Clients can use the digital technology in place to customize the greeting when their employees call the service center. Prompts can be in English and/or Spanish and we can allow automatic call transfer to another vendor such as your retirement plan administrator.

BMS Consulting

Blueprint Plan Designs

As your architect, we will prepare blueprints of current and proposed plan designs that meet your benefit objectives. 

Five Year Strategic Plan

We work with you to determine what the immediate goals are for your benefits but also where you would like to see them in the next 5 years to begin the process. 

Define Contribution Strategies

Is a defined contribution approach a better method than simply charging a percentage of premiums to your employees? What is the ultimate goal when it comes to cost sharing?

Gain Control

You should never be in the dark when it comes to how your plan is performing. Gathering and analyzing data points throughout the year will help you prepare properly. 

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