BART turns hours into minutes

Save Time and Avoid Manual Errors

  • Streamline your monthly invoice reconciliation process.
  • Save your team hours each month from tedious manual reconciliations.
  • Upload all list bill insurance invoices or eligibility files and one benefit system file for fast processing.

Save Premium Dollars

One output report identifies discrepancies, providing premium savings each month.

Avoid Paying Claims For Those No Longer Covered

Protect your company from paying claims for those no longer covered by your plans.

How BART Works

It’s a straightforward confidential process that is SOC2 Compliant


Send your files to us securely


Have a cup of your favorite
beverage and relax


Receive an email with ONE report
that shows all of the discrepancies
making reconciliation simple and easy

A Proven Process

For years BART has been an integral part of a suite of benefit services offered by BMS, a respected benefit partner. Now BART is available as a standalone service.

BART is an automated reconciliation tool designed to ensure you are paying the correct premium each month. Most carriers allow a 60-day period for retroactive changes so by using BART monthly you can catch discrepancies within that period.