Where it all began

Benefit Management Solutions (BMS) was founded in 1999. We began life as a traditional employee benefits broker. One day a prospective client asked us if we could manage their benefits administration as well as become their broker. We thought this was an interesting approach to providing full service to our clients and decided to do just that.

Our full service is different

Today we are a full-service employee benefits firm. We define full service very differently than most brokers. We encourage you to click around while you are here and take a look at all of the services we provide for standard brokerage fees. We do more than what is traditionally expected of employee benefit brokers. We believe we can add more value to our clients when we establish a benefit service center to take online or telephonic enrollments, process qualifying life events, reconcile carrier invoices, prepare thousands of 1095Cs, manage COBRA, etc. You get the idea.

We do more

We do more. A simple statement which defines our mantra and drives us every day. Lets be clear: We don't want to get paid more. We want to be fairly compensated the same way we hope you are fairly compensating your broker but with one significant difference: we will act as if we are right down the hall from your HR team. We take on all of the benefit administration minutiae associated with the benefits we are authorized to as your broker. We actually do the work.


Values that matter

People first, never the bottomline

People make the business, not the other way around. So, we adjust our priorities accordingly. 

Tech-savvy, but not out of touch

Just because the machines are there, doesn't mean we should act like one. 

Simple, easy, truthful

Make it simple to understand, easy to use, and put truth above all else. 

Doing more than the norm

We always strive to go above the rest. 

Benefit News and Observations

We do more

We help you in any way possible. Really.

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